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Swords/Beddee: I have always lived in a secret fantasy world and am now ready to go public

I have always been a bit lost in my own world, but A Song of Ice and Fire has taken it to a whole new level. Thanks to George RR Martin and his wonderful world of characters, I have become completely obsessed with the fantastically cruel world of Westeros and have grown to love all the characters regardless of their level of evilness (except for Qyburn, Qyburn sucks).

So my portion of this blog (Swords) will be dedicated to ASOIAF. Yes, I do watch the Game of Thrones series on HBO and honestly think they have done a great job. I know some of you out there feel they could do better, but I just enjoy it for what it is. There is no way they could put EVERYTHING in the books in the TV series. Non-readers are already confused enough! But I love the actors and feel that the casting is spot on. I could do without some of the brothel scenes. There are way too many sex scenes with an already limited amount of episode space. But hey, that’s HBO for you! Don’t even get me started on the travesty that is now True Blood..

My favorite characters are Tyrion, Dany, Jon Snow and Arya (the usual suspects). I also love Renly/Loras/Margaery and Brienne. I have a secret crush on Jaime Lannister (I know!). This is just the beginning. From Ned the dunderhead to each and every white walker: I have an opinion about them all! And I will chronicle it in “Swords”!

And if you don’t follow hockey, still visit Saucer’s “Sticks” posts! She is a great writer and you might even find yourself watching a hockey game or two. After all, WINTER IS COMING and we must watch something while we wait for Season 3.


Sticks/Saucer - I might be a small girl but I have a loud voice and my favorite subject is hockey
I will never claim to be unbiased – the Avalanche & Flyers are my favorite NHL teams and are inherently better than all others. I also have fierce loyalty to anyone who ever played for the Fighting Sioux, regardless of where they play now. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other teams and other players I really like. I get into AHL, CHL, Juniors…you name it. If it is hockey I’m going to watch even if I’ve never heard of the teams before. And it’s a guarantee the moment the puck hits the ice I’m going to cheer loudly and get way too emotionally invested in the game.
I will also never claim to be so mature that I don’t ogle the guys a lot little bit. I love hockey but I’m not freakin blind. When somebody is hot, they are hot and I’m not going to pretend I don’t notice. Noted crushes– Semyon Varlamov, Danny Briere, Mike Richards, & Patrick Kane (don’t judge me).
So a few rules on the hockey posts –
  • Chirping is expected but if you get really nasty I’ll block your comments. I’ll also likely ridicule you on twitter, so be forewarned.
  • Don’t spam the comments with a bunch of links to your blog. If you want me to check out your site shoot me an email. If I like it, you will probably get a mention at some point in a post.
  • If you don’t like hockey and aren’t here to read hockey related posts, skip over me and go to Beddee’s stuff. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings.
  • If there is a player I don’t like and he then becomes a Flyer/Av or plays for Team USA there is a good chance I will forget about the past and instantly love him. You can remind me that I hated him once, that is fine, but I will probably just tell you to suck it.
  • I’m not a puck bunny so don’t call me one. Are there players I would hook up with? Yup, see above. But I love the freaking game and will scrap with anybody who believes there is any sport better than hockey. But that said, I won’t deny there is still a little bit of that girl inside me who loved wearing her boyfriend’s hockey sweater to school on game days. So yeah, I might swoon a little. Get over it.
And since I recently moved away from my beloved Avalanche to the land of the Stars I am feeling the loss of a favorite local team. So I fully intend to waste a ridiculous amount of money traveling around to hockey games over the next few years until I have seen my teams play in every arena in the league. So break into that piggy bank because Saucer’s coming to town and you are buying me a beer.

~ Saucer

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  1. Quite enjoying this.. Hooked you might say! Do you still blog?